Day Forty Seven

Update: Today I wrote my Copyrighted Material page for my exercise e-book and did few other things. Received an inquiry for advertising and another brilliant news.

It was a good day! Got to do some planning for next year.

Came across an interesting article How to make awesome Facebook covers.



Day Fourty Five

facebook-likeUpdate: I just went through my check list post in the beginning on my challenge. I haven’t realised I have ticked lots of tasks already. I’m pretty much ready with everything I need for my Facebook course. All I need to do is advertise it and do it. i was thinking first to invite some people I have met on other courses as a tester session to gather feedback and testimonials. But for that i need to hire a place, etc. I do not have the finances to do that at the moment.

My other idea is to host a webinar with Google hangouts to test the course. But for that to be of any use I need to have a website or maybe I can start with at least a newsletter just to be able to gather leads. It’s good to have a producr, service, course you can promote through your webinar.

The other thing is I’m not sure if my internet connection is good enough at the moment to do that. i need to check.

Maybe in the next couple of days I need to focus on a project I have started with a partner that is pretty sure it will make some money. But I still hope I’ll be able to follow through and my own projects.

Day Thirty Five

Update: I was working my my workshop website. The first draft is pretty much finalized. All I need to do is to add more images and decide which goes where. I need to contact clients and ask them for testimonials. For now I left space for 3 testimonials. Eventually I can add more later. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I will instal an app to remind me to take breaks from the laptop screen. Ask one of the teachers for a reference. Choosing some images and designing how to add put them on the website. Go through similar images and choose poses and ideas for a photoshoot.

Day Thirty

Update: I’m working on the new website I’m designing and already  manage to crush it already. That made me come up with new ideas. But still there is not much progress though.

Just being reminded how much putting knowledge into action is important for moving forward. Keep doing what you can even if you are not sure of the outcome.


Day Twenty Eight/ Into The Rabbit Hole

cautionWebsites/WordPress/HTML/CSS and everything in between.

Anytime I start building a new website it’s like going into a rabbit hole. Nothing is what it seams, each theme works for itself and need specific attention. Everything ends up pretty much in a mess usually before it gets better.


A couple of month ago I purchased a bundle of themes from MOJO. I’m not happy with the service they provide.

Most of the themes are not active anymore which means  here is no way for you to see a demo of the theme with other words how it looks like. And I was surprised to discover that from fourteen themes two of them are HTML templates, not WordPress themes. Which means you need to use an FTP client like FileZilla to actually be able to use it.

So as it happens I liked an HTML template for my landing page  from the bundle I purchased so tomorrow I’ll try to see of I’ll be able to do it. I have basic experience with HTML as I was managing such website before.


I was working on the design of the website for my landing pages and was trying different themes. I’m very disappointment by MOJO theme and their unfair marketing. You think you are buying one thing and it ends up something completely different.

What I’m trying to do now is to build a landing page, put it online and use it as a template for the rest of the products and services I’ll release online.

Call to action.

If you’ manage a WordPress site share on the comment section below a theme that you find functional and useful.

Day Twenty Five

The great teacher. They not only have skills and knowledge but also inspire you. The great teachers know how to adapt the knowledge accordingly to each individual. But most of all they are interested in their students. It is the same with clients you need to know what do they need and to be accessible to your customer. Everything has to be clear and targeted to the specific needs of your buyers.

Update: More offers send today and wrote a long article for one of my blogs.

Call to action: Write three characteristics of your clients.

Day Twenty Four

Recipe for good life: Practice gratitude ( positive thoughts, positive words, positive actions), Cut refined sugar, Spend time in nature.

Update: Today I contacted more advertisers with offers and started the landing page of my social media course.

Call to action: Share in the comment section one positive habit that you know can improve your life.