Day Forty Seven

Update: Today I wrote my Copyrighted Material page for my exercise e-book and did few other things. Received an inquiry for advertising and another brilliant news.

It was a good day! Got to do some planning for next year.

Came across an interesting article How to make awesome Facebook covers.



Day Thirty Four

Update: I’m working on the new website and searching for icons for my landing page. I’m having some trouble to figure out exactly what kind of icons I need because of the nature of the website.

I’m hoping in the next two weeks that website will be ready. I’d say one week but I always underestimate the time I need to finish a task.


Day Thirty Two

take eye breaksA quick update. I’m still designing my new website and I made some good progress yesterday. But pretty much that cost my eyes falling out of my head.

I chose a new theme again and nothing was working the way it was supposed to. The latest WordPress updates made the theme act funny. But at about 9pm I manage to have a break through with a bit more tweeking. Then I stayed until 2am in the morning  making the fist draft of the website.

Advice: My eyes were very tired and they feel still tired even today. That is way yesterday I couldn’t even write this post.

Don’t forget taking breaks from the computer while working. I need to really commit to it.

Have you heard about the 20-20-20 rule. It suggests that after every 20 minutes,  the computer user should take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away. Learn more here:

I discovered and an article with free apps to remind you to take breaks during work hours:

Photo by a4gpa

Day Twenty Nine

wordpressDo not buy bundle themes for WordPress if you’re not going to use them immediately. WorPpress gets updated and all of a sudden nothing works like it is supposed to and usually developer’s theme support is no good.

You’ll be better off buying one theme and using it immediately. But before that check the theme’s reviews and the support section to learn more about the functionality of the theme.

Update: Still working on my new website. I’m trying to make work a one page flat theme so I can use it as a landing page. But nothing is straight forward as usual with designing websites.


If you are sending newsletters or using feedburner don’t forget to ask your subscribers to add your mail to their contact list or address book so your mail won’t end up in their Spam folder.

Email whitelist Instruction for different providers:


Day Twenty Five

The great teacher. They not only have skills and knowledge but also inspire you. The great teachers know how to adapt the knowledge accordingly to each individual. But most of all they are interested in their students. It is the same with clients you need to know what do they need and to be accessible to your customer. Everything has to be clear and targeted to the specific needs of your buyers.

Update: More offers send today and wrote a long article for one of my blogs.

Call to action: Write three characteristics of your clients.

Day Twenty Three

“If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?”

To Do Lists. It seems I’m pretty much able to do usually two things from my daily to do list.

To increase productivity I will start writing each day two things I need to do and block one hour for each task. That means during the blocked time I won’t distract myself with anything else. And most to the point. The question I started the post today should be a guideline for the two tasks I plan to work on each day.


Today I sent advertising offers to future advertisers on the blog I run for 2 years already.

I did think of the landing page for my Social Media Page but no other progress there yet.

For tomorrow I have to decide if I will continue sending the offer I made today or I’ll add one more feature to it the resourceful page I’m building. Now when I think about it maybe it’s better to be two separate e-mails. It’s good to remind your clients for your existence.

Check this great competition: Some amazing mentors are lined up.

Woohoo! Way to go!


Day Twenty One

Yesterday I took a break. So far every week I had one day off and I’m accepting that.

Not happy with the landing page I created through the last week but I’m pretty hooked up on the idea of creating a great landing page.

Tomorrow I’m starting to work on my Social Media Course landing page. I will write the text for it. It is great because it makes me think in details and become clearer with the course and it’s focus regarding the client, content, presentation and goal. It makes things real and puts my skills into practice.

I found a company with a great tag line: Gear for today. Inspiration for tomorrow. @Huckberry  Just an idea.

Today I did prepare the materials for my Facebook course so I can start putting it together. It will include:

  • how to create a Facebook page
  • how to manage it
  • how to read analytics
  • how to use paid promotion on facebook
  • integrating social media with your website (branding across social media- brief explanation)

And I came across an article which gives you helpful social media sizing and design sheets:  If you are designing your profile pic or cover photo and wonder about the size. This is for you.

I realised a new positive outcome from doing this challenge. It helps me stay with the flow of creativity and stay on track.