Day Forty Seven

Update: Today I wrote my Copyrighted Material page for my exercise e-book and did few other things. Received an inquiry for advertising and another brilliant news.

It was a good day! Got to do some planning for next year.

Came across an interesting article How to make awesome Facebook covers.



Day Fourteen

zig zagToday was the first day I did a workout from youtube at home. I actually enjoyed it. It became the reason to discover an inspiring story. Kathryn Morgan a NYC ballet soloist who had to stop dancing after she developed a thyroid condition. She used social media and blogging to tell her story and come back in the world of dance. This is her youtube channel where you can find ballet barre workouts and more.

I have to say today I spend lots of time on my CV as I’m trying to find a part time job to help me find financial stability until I start earning enough from my business. Everytime when I think I haven’t done anything for my 100 day challenge something proves me wrong. Or simply this blog forces me to take action.

Today I found 2 examples I will use to create my dance workshop landing pages. Tomorrow I’ll have the first draft of the page. I promise I’m stopping to search for information it’s time to use it.

I did send a letter to a maybe future advertiser today. And I just remembered an offer made to me by a big media regarding listing my website on their resourceful page. I can use the information in their offer to my advantage. That’s good news. And I just found contact details of potential advertisers for my site.

I was discouraged yesterday when I couldn’t find the right free plugin form my WordPress site but will try gain and see what will happen.

The road to the aim is a zig zag. 🙂