Day Fourty Five

facebook-likeUpdate: I just went through my check list post in the beginning on my challenge. I haven’t realised I have ticked lots of tasks already. I’m pretty much ready with everything I need for my Facebook course. All I need to do is advertise it and do it. i was thinking first to invite some people I have met on other courses as a tester session to gather feedback and testimonials. But for that i need to hire a place, etc. I do not have the finances to do that at the moment.

My other idea is to host a webinar with Google hangouts to test the course. But for that to be of any use I need to have a website or maybe I can start with at least a newsletter just to be able to gather leads. It’s good to have a producr, service, course you can promote through your webinar.

The other thing is I’m not sure if my internet connection is good enough at the moment to do that. i need to check.

Maybe in the next couple of days I need to focus on a project I have started with a partner that is pretty sure it will make some money. But I still hope I’ll be able to follow through and my own projects.


Day Forty Three/Forty Four

Update: Yesterday I was sending mails about the testimonials I’m gathering for the landing page I designed. It’s not an easy job I manage to get three but I’m still waiting for pictures. I have very little done today. Tomorrow will be a day off as I’m traveling and performing.

Wish me luck.

Day Fourty Two/Webinars

Update: I designed the invitation for the Facebook course and decided I will do a webinar (a web- based seminar) on the theme. It is a good way to get leads and promote your service or product. I found an article on how you can use Google hangouts to stream a webinar for free. Check the article for further information how you can do that.  It is a great alternative if you don’t have a budget for a webinar software. I will share my progress with it on the way.

Have you done webinars in the past and if yes what platform did you use?

Day Forty

design toolsUpdate: Yesterday was a day off. Today I’m working on the invitation for the social media course I’m gonna teach. I know I was a bit off target with the work I did on my workshop website but the skills I gained are very useful now. I will implement what I’ve learned in the next couple of weeks regarding my other projects. Like designing my e-book, social media presentation/course, the invitation and more.

Check the list with great design tools from the online course I watched the other day about Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses on CreativeLive.

It includes:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Canva
  3. PicMonkey
  4. Iconfinder
  5. Pixlr
  6. Word Swag

I have used Iconfinder and Canva and I’m very happy with them. What about you? Do you have anything to add or comment about these tools?


Day Thirty Eight/Thirty Nine

the long roadUpdate: Both days I have been working on my website. I did finish it today. There are still some minor things to be edited but I’m happy with the outcome. I’ve learned a lot for a short period. Unfortunately any profit from the website won’t come in the near future. What I really should have been doing is focusing on the other projects that have more of a chance to bring income.

There are not many days left up to Christmas. I hope I will be able to launch my exercise e-book. Although I think it is better to create a course to go with the book as well as videos. Which makes is again more of a project that will need time.

At least now I have a system and the tools how to create the websites and landing pages for the rest of the projects.

The conclusion is that to make any of the projects work I need to focus on it exclusively for at least three months.

My profile is more of a dreamer, more of a thinker, earning money is a challenge for me. I still have 41 days to go though.

Photo by: Ryan McGuire

Day Thirty Eight

Update: Huge break through today. WIth the help of Canva and a bit Photoshop my design skills have improved immensely. I’m very happy with how the website is coming together. The whole work I put into it will be worth it.

Two days in a raw I watched an online course in Facebook marketing and managing your page. Can’t wait to design the invitation for the first course I’ll run.

There are some other interesting courses you can watch live for free here: