Day Seventy Six

Hey, I’m back!

Somehow I manage to forget about the blog or life just happen.

I’m back now and I would like to share a quote I truly believe in.

“When people look for mentors, they often think it’s something that’s done to them, but it isn’t. You don’t have to ask permission; you don’t even have to know the person. These days, you can read so much online.” – Michael Bierut

It’s really great to find mentors and to have that access to the knowledge I never had before the internet. I’m not that old but I still remember the first computer I used and it did not have internet. We were learning to build triangles and stuff.


I did increase my earnings from advertises on my main website these past months but still haven’t grasp the full potential of the site. Let’s do it. Let’s find new questions and solutions.

Let’s build a new website! 🙂 More to follow.


Day Seventy Five


Some dates went lost because I was in the middle of promoting my latest short film. I focused on organising and promoting a workshop I’m giving in January. I’m still stuck on Google Analytics and tracking my sub-domain. I hope I’ll have it sorted in the next couple of days.

What I’ve learned from the promotion of my film is that I worked with Mailchimp. Learned how to upload lists, make segments, design newsletters, etc.

One important lesson is have clear goal when preparing  your newsletter. Always have at least two links in the newsletter that lead to the same result. It is easier for the reader and to track what works and where people click.




Day Fifty One/Two/Three


All I have been doing these days is working on the new website as I decide to move it back to my main website not to use it as a sub-domain. SO putting the whole design back to my main website and theme is not straight forward. I need to resize the images and tweek some other bits too.

Today I spent the whole day struggling with mailchimp. I decided to import all the contact from my mail and start sending occasional newsletter. Of course this is a whole new avenue. As I wanted to upload my yahoo contacts into separate lists I had to export them once then make csv. files. In the correct order with the correct name… And at the end of the day I’m not going to use it for what I was planning to.

I’m actually going to premier a short movie I filmed in the summer tomorrow so I have been preparing for that. The premier will be online on youtube.

I have a new logo for my successful blog and I need to plan a re-branding campaign. And in the middle of that I’m planning and communicating about the workshops I will give in different countries.

It’s a busy time.

Day Thirty Five

Update: I was working my my workshop website. The first draft is pretty much finalized. All I need to do is to add more images and decide which goes where. I need to contact clients and ask them for testimonials. For now I left space for 3 testimonials. Eventually I can add more later. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I will instal an app to remind me to take breaks from the laptop screen. Ask one of the teachers for a reference. Choosing some images and designing how to add put them on the website. Go through similar images and choose poses and ideas for a photoshoot.

Day Thirty One

Update: On the battle field. I’m still working on the design of the workshop’s website.

As usual settling with a theme for WordPress is a very difficult decision. As a non developer I have usually to settle with some features the design of the theme lacks. I decided not to go with any of the 14 themes I bought as they are out of date and because of that not easy to customize, etc. I did find a free theme I like and trying to make it work for my needs now. I really hope in the next two weeks to have the website all set up.

When  first started learning to design website with WordPress I did that via video tutorials. I was watching a course from Creative Live and implementing the learned into work. The mentor from the course said that usually you need to settle with a theme that responds to 80% of what you are looking for. I guess he was right when you are familiar only with basic coding.

Have you experienced any problems with finding themes for your websites?

Day Six

Couple of things today. First of all I realised any addiction can be bad for you . The whole day I was editing videos…which is part of a bigger obsession. I just couldn’t stop. I wish I could use that and channel better my energy. But I’m getting better at editing though. To be honest I can’t wait to finish this post and continue with the work I started.

I have a tagline for my Social media course and I made a profile of my costumer. It is very interesting what you come up with when you really start narrowing down and become specific. Your natural drive is  trying to include bigger group of clients. But specialist in business all say you need to be as focus as possible.