Day Thirty Eight/Thirty Nine

the long roadUpdate: Both days I have been working on my website. I did finish it today. There are still some minor things to be edited but I’m happy with the outcome. I’ve learned a lot for a short period. Unfortunately any profit from the website won’t come in the near future. What I really should have been doing is focusing on the other projects that have more of a chance to bring income.

There are not many days left up to Christmas. I hope I will be able to launch my exercise e-book. Although I think it is better to create a course to go with the book as well as videos. Which makes is again more of a project that will need time.

At least now I have a system and the tools how to create the websites and landing pages for the rest of the projects.

The conclusion is that to make any of the projects work I need to focus on it exclusively for at least three months.

My profile is more of a dreamer, more of a thinker, earning money is a challenge for me. I still have 41 days to go though.

Photo by: Ryan McGuire


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