Day Twenty One

Yesterday I took a break. So far every week I had one day off and I’m accepting that.

Not happy with the landing page I created through the last week but I’m pretty hooked up on the idea of creating a great landing page.

Tomorrow I’m starting to work on my Social Media Course landing page. I will write the text for it. It is great because it makes me think in details and become clearer with the course and it’s focus regarding the client, content, presentation and goal. It makes things real and puts my skills into practice.

I found a company with a great tag line: Gear for today. Inspiration for tomorrow. @Huckberry  Just an idea.

Today I did prepare the materials for my Facebook course so I can start putting it together. It will include:

  • how to create a Facebook page
  • how to manage it
  • how to read analytics
  • how to use paid promotion on facebook
  • integrating social media with your website (branding across social media- brief explanation)

And I came across an article which gives you helpful social media sizing and design sheets:  If you are designing your profile pic or cover photo and wonder about the size. This is for you.

I realised a new positive outcome from doing this challenge. It helps me stay with the flow of creativity and stay on track.




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