Day Twenty

Today is something like a small mile stone for my 100 day challenge. Wohooo! Congratulations to me. Eighty more to go. 🙂

After being a bit discouraged yesterday I want to share with you two important lessons.

I. More information doesn’t equal change. It’s my specialty finding valuable info on the web. Thus alone is not enough to inhabit new skills. You need to put everything in practice and to do it the smart way, i.e. learn how to build a habit and use the 80/20 rule on a daily bases.

II. We think we need to do things on our own. There are many reasons for that: embarrassed to ask for a favour, think you know it all, too proud to admit you have a problem, think your problem is unique and no one understands you, it won’t be your project if you ask for advice.

There is one thing for sure there are thousand people going or have been through the exact same challenge like you. No one in the world accomplished anything on her/his own.



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