Day Seventeen

I’m still working on the landing page for one of my workshops. One thing I often do I underestimate the time a certain task will take.

I did learn some interesting information regarding stress management while writing the text for the page as well as more tips on how to make a landing page effective. You need to talk to your clients, to address their needs, to tell a story, to be clear and focused with your message, to make it visual.

You can find good advices on how to write a landing page to convert sales from Ramit Sethi here.

  • Find the exact language your readers use to describe their problems
  • Test your sales page for head nods or break points- spots in the copy where people loose interest. Test the copy on readers that are part of your target market.
  • Spend lots of time researching your clients. Know their age, how much they earn, their hopes, fears and dreams. Put yourself in their heads and ask yourself what your clients want and what they don’t want.
  • You need to spend a lot of time on your headline and subheadline.

– The headline should grab the reader’s attention.

– It should grab the readers attention and inform them what the product or service is all about.

– It should be short no more than twenty words, preferably ten.

– The subheadline should have some element of persuasiveness.

I find the article 12 essentials of high converting landing pages on Crazyegg very detailed and explanatory.

Have you ever signed up for an online course?



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