Day Eighteen

When you don’t know what to do…

That’s when we find out how well you make decisions.

When don’t don’t have the resources to do it the usual way, that’s when you show us how resourceful you are.

And when you don’t know if it’s going to work, that’s how we find out whether or not we need you on our team.

Making instructions is harder than following them.

Seth Godin

It’s frustrating when you have all these big ideas and plans how to do something but there are no resources for it. I know you should think creatively and come up with ideas how to deal with the challenges but still it is not an easy job. You have a problem when your expectations are bigger than what you can do for the moment.

I use WordPress, manage my websites and social media channels by myself. It is not possible for me to pay a designer, video maker, photographer, copywriter, marketing specialist, etc. to produce a product they way I imagine it.

I’m dealing with everything at the moment by myself that means I need to let go of my expectations. Allow myself to do mistakes, to fail and to learn from it. What happens when even the one person who was helping you doesn’t have the time anymore.

Test. Fail. Recover. Learn. Repeat.

I’m determined to succeed with my projects. I have no idea how it will happen. All I know is I need to keep going. Every day, every little bit counts.

I’m writing this landing page three days already. Most of the page is text. I’m aware it’s too long for the target audience I’m looking to attract. I know it is not right. I know exactly what I need for it. But how to get it?

The landing page is targeting dancers. It needs to be very visual. I need appropriate images. But most of all I need to have a video on it.

I can make websites, I can photograph, I can video, I can edit video, I can blog… But I can not produce the quality I’m looking for doing all the above.  And I can’t do everything at the same time. I need help. I need people who are interested in working with me, smart and professional enough to see the mutual benefit for both sides.

Everything looks so far and dreamy, so many obstacles.

Acceptance. Imperfection. Innovation.

All I can do is keep walking. At the end it might not lead me where I was going but I might find something even better.


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