Day Thirteen

day thirteenIn addition to my last post I’m determined to create a daily routine. From what I read a daily routine is an anchor of creativity. Knowing what to do each day helps you to focus on your work and not wander what to do next, eat or be overwhelmed. I find eating to be quite a disturbing thought during my day. For example one of my big questions each day is what to eat. I’m not interested in cooking so it’s difficult for me to came up with ideas for meals.

=> Solution. I’ll create a list with meals I can easily access with minimal effort involved.

This is my new resolution to the problems I face up daily. I started asking myself  “What is the solution?” when I find myself facing an obstacle. This is not enough for the problem to be resolved as you need not only to identify it but to take action towards it but it puts me in the right mind set at least.

You can check here the daily routine of Kurt Vonnegut and here you can find information for other famous authors’ routines. I heard a lot about the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. This is what goes next in my reading list.

Today I answered an e-mail with an inquiry for advertising from one of my regular clients. I did send a new offer to another regular customer too.

My try to instal plugin on my site so I’ll be able to have a header add was unsuccessful. It seems that plugins that are allowing you to upload your own banner are only paid.

If you have any ideas for quick, tasty meals I’ll appreciate your suggestions or if you know any free banner plugins. Please share them in the comment box at the end of the page.


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