Day Eleven

Aim for successThe theme of the day is Banner Ads. As I mentioned earlier I have already one successful blog where I’m running banner adds at the right side bar.

I have prepared an offer for new advertisers with the option for them to have a header image as a banner. Unfortunately the theme I’m using for the particular website is not really customizable via coding. I did a research today and figure out that to place a banner in a header you need to edit the header.php folder. You have to do this in order to make the header clickable.  I can’t do that because I’m afraid I’ll break the theme because of similar past experiences. The other option is to use a plugin. I found two articles with information about it. If someone is interested check them here and here.

Ideas to monetize your blog:

  1. Banner advertising
  • Header banner
  • Right/ left side banners
  • Outsourced banner add management. You can read more about it herе.
  1. Blog review posts
  2. Contextual/ text links ( links you place in a post for example)
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Product creation ( ex. e-book)
  5. Memberships

Other methods:

  • Donations
  • Guest posting services
  • Public speaking
  • Consulting
  • Sell merchandise

Share your thoughts in the comment section below if you’ve already used monetizing strategies for your website.

Image credits: A self-portrait by designer Edith Head, from the 1967 Random House edition of her book How to Dress for Success.


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