Day Ten

building habitIt’s time for a progress update. Well, yesterday was Saturday. I took a break and I feel guilty now. I’ll try to do each day something no matter how small.

I started doing that with my exercises though. No matter if it’s even one stretch a day it brings me closer to success.

Don’t forget that “motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going”. To built a habit you need:

  • to start small (less than 30 sec)
  • the habit to require little effort
  • to have an anchor or a trigger (to do it after something you everyday do everyday like brushing teeth for example)
  • to congratulate yourself after you do it (so you can connect it to a positive attitude).

BJ Fogg has a great programme to teach you how to build new habits.

Back to my challenge now. I did research and found example videos for the first three exercises I will video. I couldn’t find a good example for the inside triangle binding. You can see a picture of the exercise here. If you come across a good video with something similar don’t hesitate to shoot me a comment.

Talk to you tomorrow for more insights into my progress.


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