Day Thirty Two

take eye breaksA quick update. I’m still designing my new website and I made some good progress yesterday. But pretty much that cost my eyes falling out of my head.

I chose a new theme again and nothing was working the way it was supposed to. The latest WordPress updates made the theme act funny. But at about 9pm I manage to have a break through with a bit more tweeking. Then I stayed until 2am in the morning  making the fist draft of the website.

Advice: My eyes were very tired and they feel still tired even today. That is way yesterday I couldn’t even write this post.

Don’t forget taking breaks from the computer while working. I need to really commit to it.

Have you heard about the 20-20-20 rule. It suggests that after every 20 minutes,  the computer user should take a break for at least 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away. Learn more here:

I discovered and an article with free apps to remind you to take breaks during work hours:

Photo by a4gpa


Day Thirty One

Update: On the battle field. I’m still working on the design of the workshop’s website.

As usual settling with a theme for WordPress is a very difficult decision. As a non developer I have usually to settle with some features the design of the theme lacks. I decided not to go with any of the 14 themes I bought as they are out of date and because of that not easy to customize, etc. I did find a free theme I like and trying to make it work for my needs now. I really hope in the next two weeks to have the website all set up.

When  first started learning to design website with WordPress I did that via video tutorials. I was watching a course from Creative Live and implementing the learned into work. The mentor from the course said that usually you need to settle with a theme that responds to 80% of what you are looking for. I guess he was right when you are familiar only with basic coding.

Have you experienced any problems with finding themes for your websites?

Day Thirty

Update: I’m working on the new website I’m designing and already  manage to crush it already. That made me come up with new ideas. But still there is not much progress though.

Just being reminded how much putting knowledge into action is important for moving forward. Keep doing what you can even if you are not sure of the outcome.


Day Twenty Nine

wordpressDo not buy bundle themes for WordPress if you’re not going to use them immediately. WorPpress gets updated and all of a sudden nothing works like it is supposed to and usually developer’s theme support is no good.

You’ll be better off buying one theme and using it immediately. But before that check the theme’s reviews and the support section to learn more about the functionality of the theme.

Update: Still working on my new website. I’m trying to make work a one page flat theme so I can use it as a landing page. But nothing is straight forward as usual with designing websites.


If you are sending newsletters or using feedburner don’t forget to ask your subscribers to add your mail to their contact list or address book so your mail won’t end up in their Spam folder.

Email whitelist Instruction for different providers:


Day Twenty Eight/ Into The Rabbit Hole

cautionWebsites/WordPress/HTML/CSS and everything in between.

Anytime I start building a new website it’s like going into a rabbit hole. Nothing is what it seams, each theme works for itself and need specific attention. Everything ends up pretty much in a mess usually before it gets better.


A couple of month ago I purchased a bundle of themes from MOJO. I’m not happy with the service they provide.

Most of the themes are not active anymore which means  here is no way for you to see a demo of the theme with other words how it looks like. And I was surprised to discover that from fourteen themes two of them are HTML templates, not WordPress themes. Which means you need to use an FTP client like FileZilla to actually be able to use it.

So as it happens I liked an HTML template for my landing page  from the bundle I purchased so tomorrow I’ll try to see of I’ll be able to do it. I have basic experience with HTML as I was managing such website before.


I was working on the design of the website for my landing pages and was trying different themes. I’m very disappointment by MOJO theme and their unfair marketing. You think you are buying one thing and it ends up something completely different.

What I’m trying to do now is to build a landing page, put it online and use it as a template for the rest of the products and services I’ll release online.

Call to action.

If you’ manage a WordPress site share on the comment section below a theme that you find functional and useful.

Day Twenty Seven / Free Courses

Free online courses. You can find different variety of certified and non certified courses here:

More techi courses

For creatives: you can watch live any online course for free.

Update: I’m working on my social media course.


Day Twenty Six

Another day gone.

Update: I started my work on creating a sub domain for my workshop pages. Getting better at design and Photoshop. And already thinking where I will do my first Social media course. I’m working on it and there is a lot of good and useful information already prepared.

For now the most difficult think with the 100 day challenge is finding the right image. As you see I’m not trying too hard these days. I’m keeping it simple so I can stick to the habit.

I feel a bit disconnected with this blog though. I think I need to put a bit more effort into it.