Day Five

sisyphusIt wasn’t an easy day I have to say. Most of the things I tried to do were not really working.

First Nipple Kavala edited my advertising offer mail. Yaay! Then I tried to figure out how to work with the header on my blog so I can to put an advertisement. The theme I’m using is not really right for that purpose. The header could not link to a webpage and it looks too big for the site. So trying to work out the details now.

Previously I have bought 14 WordPress themes who looked like a good investment at the time. It happen it wasn’t really the case. I do not recommend to buy themes from Mojo themes. Some of the downloaded themes now don’t exist as a preview or on their website so you can’t figure out how they look like before uploading it.

All the 14 themes are flat, one page websites, except one which might have a problem with the background and it is not responsive. I chose 3 from this themes though just to start from somewhere with “Building websites for dancers”.

I created folders for each project today and started putting all the information and work I do in the specific one. This helps for organisational purposes.

I contacted a friend who used to teach English with a request to start proofreading my articles (I know I have mistakes in my posts just in case you wonder). She still haven’t answered me, not sure if she is using the e-mail I used.

I contacted and a girl on Fiverr with the same request.

So will see what will happen.


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