Day Two / Checklist

checklist day twoHere we go, day two of my 100 day challenge.

Today I decided to brake down the individual steps I need to take in order to move my projects forward. I hope with time I’ll get even more specific and detailed in what is needed to be done.

To publish the Exercise Book I need to:

  • finish filling the images matching the exercises described in my first draft
  • write down the first 5 exercises I want to video
  • search for similar videos
  • write content page
  • video exercises
  • write the first page or “All rights reserved” page
  • write the intro focused on people not dancers
  • write terms and conditions page
  • write the autro
  • photograph all exercises

To devise a social media course for beginners I need to:

  • find out who is my client ( this is an article that will help me to do that)
  • decide which social media I will focus on
  • write the content of the course
  • gather all the needed information
  • see similar courses
  • find relevant examples
  • find where to promote the course
  • host a webinar

To start designing simple websites for dancers as a way to showcase their work I have to

  • choose 3 templates I will use
  • make 3 examples of websites for dancers
  • create a website for the service which includes: find images, about page, contact page, home page
  • device a submission page ( all the client’s info needed for her/his website)
  • create a promotional banner
  • learn what kind of hosting to buy for my clients

To organize and give workshops I need to:

  • find venues
  • write a pitch to contact venues with my workshop proposal
  • design webpage promoting my workshop
  • create facebook page
  • have at least 3 workshops in different countries for more credibility

To organize the course for actors I need to:

  • devise the course
  • think of a name
  • contact venues with a proposal

To invite advertisers to a blog I already have to:

  • find companies interested in advertising
  • send them an e-mail with my offer
  • send an e-mail to my email list with an offer
  • create a resource page on the website
  • create a header banner

In addition to writing down my check lists today I finished the first step for my Exercise book.

To sum up that’s what I call a good day work.


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